Our God Reigns

I am a believer and I’m not ashamed of that… I don’t and won’t judge your belief structure God allows us freedom of choice xxx I’ve made my choice and right or wrong I’m sticking to it.

Mya and Linda’s small holding… one of my absolute favorite places in the 🌎 world.

Life in my new hood is full of absolute gems and if we didn’t move to our new home we would never ever have met our two wonderful friends. How blessed are we that we have met these sisters who have phenomenal hearts and love for all their animals.

They are so down to earth and relaxed and are the go to people if you ever need guidance on your sheep, chickens, dogs, cats and all kids of animals. If I could visit daily I would (although they would probably either kick my butt out by the second day lol or hand me a shovel and get me scooping and making myself useful on site) 🤣🤣

Linda is a master baker and bakes the most delicious Ginger cookies served with her lekker (delicious) coffee. When she is not busy on the land that is. Mya is also busy non stop and if you’re lucky when she is not busy on the land might even cut your hair and renew your self confidence.

They are definitely two of my favourite favourites in my new hood. We are beyond blessed to have them in our circle of friends.

For those of my readers that have been following my blogs you would know that I have always been a happy go lucky down on the ground kind of girl who doesn’t try to put on aires and graces to impress anyone. I am who I am at any moment and I am happily myself …

These two wonderful souls are definitely our kind of people. Soul sisters so to speak.

If ever you get to meet them just realize that you are blessed above and beyond and thank God for allowing them to be apart of your dash even for that small moment in time.

Thank you Linda and Mya x

Bennetts Family/Baby Care

I’m beyond happy and excited to collaborate with a company that has been trusted by families in South Africa for over 50 years.

For 5 decades Bennetts has provided amazing aide to families from babies to adults, from the colic remedy (which itself has gone through clinical trials and is approved and registered medicine with the medicine control council) for your upto 6 month old baby to hand sanitizer with up to 80%alcohol for the rest of your family to help in your daily regime in the battle against covid.

The Saline Nose Spray is non medicated and alcohol free, it provides relief from blocked and dry noses and is suitable for anyone from birth which is such a great help especially as we are in our change of season … if you are anything like me your allergies are going crazy too.

A friend of mine has a young kiddo with eczema and the poor guy struggles with this harsh skin ailment… They have tried all kinds of skin treatments so I happily passed them BENNETTS baby eczema ease the symptoms which included:

Dry cracked and scaly skin…


Painful itchy lesions

Fluid filled blisters

BENNETTS has the perfect range for your family.

There is such a huge range to choose from with BENNETTS…

I have recently moved from Simon’s Town to the Overberg and my skin took a huge knock UNTIL I discovered that BENNETTS Hydrating Skin care Moisturizing ointment the results are unfreaking believable. I can feel the absolute difference and I am beyond happy and excited to be part of the BENNETTS family.

Do yourself and your family a huge favor invest in BENNETTS try it for yourself all of their products were made with families in mind.

Follow them on FACEBOOK or Google them on their website @ BennettsforBabies where they even give you Tips and Advice from Babies and sleep to traveling with your baby.

Choose Bennetts you won’t be sorry

You ready for this?

There will be a time… where we are forced into a situation out of our control where we finally can step away from expectations of those we believed to have our bet interests at heart and in hindsight realise that they never did. It really doesn’t matter how long it takes to get there just remember that you will.

Start opening your eyes where you are in your life and stop pushing the red flags out the way so that you can step past them on the destructive path and find yourself another.

To many times we convince ourselves that we suffer from crippling anxiety when in reality we suffer from the bullshit of ass holes and bullies. It would save us hundreds of thousands of dollars if we took a step back and look at the situation from a different perspective and see what our tormentors are actually up to. The proverbial throat punch is sometimes more satisfying than lying on a couch spending a tonne of money to have someone pat us on the back and teach us how to swallow the bs of others.

This year has been a reality check for my small family and we are far happier living hundreds of miles from dick heads and ass holes and you know what? We’re happier than we have ever been. It’s peaceful not trying to live up to the expectations of ungrateful bullies that never ever gave a flying fug anyway.🤣🤣🤣

Their rage is going to explode 🤯 as they broadcast to your friends and so called friends how evil and twisted you are for standing up to them. Just understand that people who know what really happened will cheer for you from the bleachers are the friends you need to cling to. The ones who turn on you were always going to be part of the problem anyway.

We rise by lifting others… if you are one of the people that need to step on someone to succeed in life you might very well be on the wrong side of the fence.

There is always someone who will support you emotionally when the world tries to beat you down. It’s really ok not to be ok as long as we stand up again and know that we are actually victorious and even if we can only count on a handful of people the smaller the inner circle the stronger it will be without all the missing links that make our bonds weak.

Family is supposed to keep us strong and yet sometimes they can be more toxic than people we have never met and have our backs on matter what. It’s 100% ok to cut toxic people out of our lives even if they happen to be in your family. Cutting poison out helps us grow and flourish as people.

Remember to stop trying to please haters because they’re ungrateful anyway and nothing you can do will satisfy them.

Take a step backwards and look at your life from the perspective of an outsider. Are their people (even “family”) who keep on breaking you down and making you feel as though you’re not good enough to be in their presence? They’ve got to go.

We spend too much time and energy doing what other’s want us to do… and we are always made to feel that all our efforts are never going to be good enough… we are given names and sometimes even physically poisoned ( you read that correctly 😳🤣🤣🤣) at family functions as part of their games… and we keep trying to be in their cool circles to be included. How funny right.


So think about how the toxic people in your life make you feel… was it a good feeling? No? Then move on. Do you boo.

You’re worth so much more than you think you are…

Can I share a little secret with you? Bullies and toxic people will only keep you around while they can play you like a fool BUT you’re powerful enough to turn the tables on them and jump out of their twisted way and start a new book without them in it.

I’m glad that you’re here.

Greetings and salutations to all of my friends and readers xxxx

A lot has happened since I posted last… and I found myself looking towards big changes in my life. Some changes terrified me and the thought of dropping my antagonists and reviewing who matters and who never did.

It took a paradigm shift to wake me up 😳…

How have you been? I’m grateful that you’re part of my dash.

@homestead_life_tesselaarsdal on Instagram

It’s hard to believe that a month ago I was still in my old life preparing to move but feeling like as though it was a lifetime away. And now I sit 25 day’s in to this journey with my two favorite humans.

From 44m2 in the rat race working for everyone else to over 1/2 an acre where we have started a homesteading adventure, making new friends and marveling at God’s creation.

Mistakes will be made in this journey of self but we are willing and able to push forward and live in faith as we grow closer to God and to each other.

So follow our journey on Instagram as we grow our homestead, there will be the good, the bad and the ugly side of homesteading.

26 May 2021

Good Morning!

What plans have you made for this beautiful day ahead? Have you remembered to be grateful to God for the blessings of today? You see, so often we take for granted that we will have another day and another opportunity to do life, when in reality another day is not promised.

Remember that each day is a blessing and not an entitlement. Many went to sleep last night and weren’t able to wake up to a new day.

Be grateful for what you have. If you love someone…tell them.

Have a blessed day ahead.


Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams.

In January I was in a rut that I accepted as my past present and ultimately my future…it was just what I figured was meant to be. Verbal, physical and emotional abuse by people I respected. Having to do what I was told whenever I was told because I didn’t deserve any better and it was what I “deserved”.

In February my hours were halved at work due to “Corona” as the money coming in wasn’t enough so it was what it was. Then a paradigm shift hit within my household and God filled us with peace unknown. I prayed at work a week before February ended and my prayer in a nutshell was “Lord Jesus, whatever must be taken out of this school TAKE IT OUT, even if it means You pull it out by the roots”

20 minutes later I was called in to a meeting to say I was not needed for March, April and maybe even May. My thought process was “Why Lord, how will we survive?” Oh my shattered nerves think about it for a second with me… I was uprooted and taken out of the school.

How good is our God?

Finally we were in a position where we could fulfill our dreams. We sold our home (after 20 years) and moved 300km away to a town in the middle of the middle of nowhere. We are the happiest we have ever been. Our Homestead is 2 weeks old and although we still have much to do we are smiling.

The very first day we moved in the “Mother of all storms” hit the western Cape concentrating in the Overberg (where we moved to) we woke up at 2am in 2 inches of water (what a trip) we worked as a team my guys dug a trench and BAM we are dry.

We are privileged that not only was it my husband and my dream to do this our 21 year old was eager to move with us to follow his dream too.

It can be done.

Follow your heart and step out of your comfort zone. Everyone who asked us what our plans were told us that they are beyond jealous because they would love to do this too… my advice to you? Do it… you won’t be sorry.

Our little slice of paradise 💚

The big move happened on Wednesday… From a busy little apartment in a bustling little village we went to a little slice of paradise 300km away.

Thankfully in God we trust and after years of fitting into what we we “allowed” to do we proved that HARD WORK AND A LOT OF FAITH pays off.

God is good ALL THE TIME.

Words cannot describe our elation as we marvel at God’s handiwork. Many people said we couldn’t and we wouldn’t as their plans for our lives were not in line with God’s plan. When we got here we were met with the mother of all storms (history is made as they say) our new home in the Overberg has given us major showers of blessings and mercy.

In all the interactions with friends and aquaintences as we were packing we were told ‘I wish we could too’. Follow your heart and dreams. You’ve got this.

Much love.


How are you doing?

It may sound cliche and I can almost hear you automatically respond “I’m fine” OK ok am I right? Is that your go to response? Now breathe and take a moment to look inside yourself.

How are you really?

It’s perfectly OK to not be OK all the time. Just remember that you are some kind of special and the world really does need you. Please never ever give up. You’re a great human and life would definitely not be the same if you weren’t around.

Do you Boo…

It’s interesting how people we thought were standing with us turn out to be the poison in our lives. We need to wake up and realize that your “inner circle” needs to be reevaluated and we need to cut the haters out of our hearts and lives. It’s been a reality check in my personal life to realize that just because you marry into a situation does not mean that you are bound to them.

I am married to my best friend and that’s never going to change (which is why they hate us 😂😂😂) we are bullied and hated but finally 22years later we are moving away from the hate and finding ourselves happier. So my husband, son and I are pruning the rot out of the tree.

Have you ever thought about putting your direct household first? It’s liberating.

It’s been a journey and a half but God knows the lies that have been told to everyone about us is not even near to being truth. So where they thought we would never have the balls to do something we finally did. Mic dropped.

It’s OK… They can call you name’s and treat you like a second class citizen but you need to know you are more than enough.

Love you. You’ve got this.

Here’s to new beginnings 💚

Hello my dear friends…

I trust that you are well and that life is treating you perfectly 🤗. Today is your day and even if there are difficult moments in the bigger picture it is going to be OK.

It’s been a whirlwind in the last few months and although I’ve had day’s and months where my haters tried to break me I stood tall and BAM God helped us through it all.

I’ve been pushed too many times, as have you, and finally we are standing tall and for once doing what’s best for us. Good job you… You’ve got this.

Stay strong 💚

Yes you can…

Greetings and salutations from Simon’s Town. I trust you are doing well and that you understand that you are perfect as you are.

Too often we allow someone else to call the shots in our lives because they convince us that we actually have no right to exist without their permission… News flash YOU DO.

What you allow is what will continue.

Break their rusty chains and do you.

You’ve got this

I’m proud of you 💚💚💚

Learning to stand up for myself

Dear Bully…

You create havoc by spreading your poison… you will never see me again… you see I’m that stubborn resilient one that your spread lies about to keep me in my place. You poor foolish narcissistic coward.

You see I’m strong and I’m stubborn and you calling me THAT Donne doesn’t affect me in the slightest. Your breaking my family down by calling me hill billy doesn’t affect me or change who I am. I will happily move my family to a little bitty town where you can’t get to me or them ever again and I’ll be victorious as I always have been.

I actually feel sorry for your scrambling little ego because I know that God has us in the palm of His hands.

Learn from your narcissistic pathetic behavior please.

You can’t control what you don’t own. My little family remains not for sale and this fact threatens your very existence. Shame man. You see we are close knit because when everyone failed us God didn’t. Hahaha you poor little egotistical son of a motherless goat.

So please learn to be nicer.

I genuinely feel sorry for you. From the bottom of my heart.

I’ve learned that…

So you see… when I’ve moved away with my two guys you will reap the very fruits (or weeds) that you have sown.

So stop trolling all my accounts for information on me, you’re blocked for a reason. Remember that.🤣🤣🤣

I will keep blogging and filming because it makes me happy.

This took me 22years to realize but I’m there now.
My motto 💚💚💚

Thank You dear bully for teaching me a valuable lesson and now you may continue on your journey because you no longer live for free in my heart and mind.

Is your glass half full, or half empty?

When this year started… I was highly optimistic because of a few projects I’ve got on the go. Nerves might grab hold and try to make me fill the corners of my mind with self doubt and outside influences go out of their way to remind me that I’m in their terms a “lower life form” but regardless of the odds stacked against me I know that the idea I have is quite doable.

You see not only am I an educator of the most amazing young minds I for some or other odd reason have some creative skills too. Circumstances might try and push me down and as I’ve recently heard by people I once respected and revered who died tragically in my heart on that fateful 14th Jan 2021, that I’m a nobody that needs to be kept in my place… under their Louis Vittons


Why would I give them power over me? I’m not.

So when life happened and I was told of a future storm possibly heading my way I was at peace and this idea I’ve been nurturing like a seed that was planted a couple of years back was about to become a virtual reality. Let’s just say that even if it reaches no one but a few nearest and dearest my cup is staying half full.

Be blessed. mtw

P.S I’ll definitely be keeping you posted. 💚💚💚💚

Truth bomb time…

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking that they don’t have any!

Alice Walker

Ask yourself one thing… have you given someone else your power lately? I know this to be true for myself of late. I was in a situation where although I was confident in my ability to do it and I was thriving within it and yet I was undermined and insulted on a daily basis leaving me second guessing myself and feeling as though I was in an emotional punch bag. This in itself twisted my insides and tried to turn me into a hateful and bitter human. I stepped back and did a lot of soul searching and made a conscious decision to forgive my antagonists.

How’s that working for you? I hear you ask.

Actually it is absolutely phenomenal and I’ve got my smile back. I’m feeling peace and I’ve reclaimed my power again… 🥰

There is absolutely no reason why you can’t also take the emotional baggage that they have placed on you and hand it straight back saying on the top of your voice… “YOU’VE BEEN SERVED” so reclaimed your power turn your back and carry on going.

Be blessed. mtw

“May you live everyday of your life” Jonathan Swift

How cool is that quote… I know that you’re probably looking at the screen right now thinking “duhhhh” but think about it for a moment.

We were not made to just exist… we were made to thrive. Surely it makes more sense to live everyday as though it is a special occasion than to hardly function. So let’s do this… enjoying the little pleasures in our live will add them to the entirety of the day we are commissioned to excel in. What do you think?

Who’s with me?

Be blessed. -mtw

You there?

Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny


You’ve got this and with God all things are possible. I know that it seems as though you will never get through this massive obstacle course you find yourself in but I also know that if you couldn’t do it you wouldn’t have been given this assignment in the first place.

When you feeling as though you’re not getting through it BREATHE.

I know that you have this because I know you x

Be blessed. mtw

Remember this…

Sometimes we win some and sometimes we lose some. It’s ok to allow the sadness to be felt and to want to express it but remember that just because someone is family or maybe even friends do not exempt them from boundaries or fences that are needed. Feel the highs and lows but move on.

Start stepping up to the plate and know your worth.

I have had to cut ties from people who thought it acceptable to treat me less than but I have learned that that is ok. Just because poison ☠️ is given to you does not mean you are forced to drink it. Wake up and understand that you’re a great person and yes you matter and you’re worth greatness.

Be blessed

This year I’m challenging myself…

Ever had such huge ideas knocking on the inside of your head like bongo drums? They are not necessarily the best ideas and they might never come into being but they are there rattling and willing for us to take the chance. I’m there right now.

I might not succeed but I know that I’m going to give it my all.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” – Michael Jordan …so here I go.

Forgiveness is not about them, it’s about you…

I’m a firm believer in the following saying… “God removes people from your life because he hears conversations about you that you didn’t hear.” Although I don’t know who said it first I do know that it is a true statement.

I’m not about to bore you all with personal issues (I do want to keep you with me after all) but in the last 2 months I have lost a very special family member who I mourn daily and then I lost people who although are still physically on earth they have due to conversations and lies that circulated by them about me are also no longer with us. It’s been a journey that as the clock struck midnight on the fateful night of the 13th January 2021 they removed themselves from my inner being. My soul does not mourn them because my soul is at peace with my decision. I’ve cried bitter tears trying to hold onto what wasn’t mine to hold onto because I wanted to be the nice person I was raised to be but on the 14 January 2021 they cut the ties that bound me to them. How ironic is it that this also happened to be my daddy’s birthday. The very man who raised me to be nice and take shit emotionally gave me the scissors to free my self from the lies that they built about me.

I’m stronger today because even when I was called horrible abusive names and treated as though I was lower than the dirt under the dirt that stuck to the poop on the bottom of their Louis Vittons I know that God sees through the bullshit and lies.

In all this I have forgiven them, not because they deserve it (they don’t) but because I deserve the peace and I won’t allow their hatred to turn me into a bitter human like them.

So forgive the people that are assholes to you it won’t make them less of an asshole but it will free you from the chains they place you in. You deserve peace. Oh and when you’ve forgiven them block them so that you never have to deal with their bullshit again.

Happy Friday

What are your plans for the weekend? I plan to be with my family just chilling. Chances are however it will be full of chores. Hahaha whatever happens I guess. 😏

Strive not to be a success but rather to be of value

Albert Einstein

Whatever happens this weekend, you’re going to get through it like the champion you are.

Be blessed – mtw

Did you know?

Hello, Happy Thursday.

I would love to feel as though I make your day better in some small way. I would love to know that even when you’re feeling down, just the thought of me makes you feel some kind of happiness and contentment.

You, my readers and friends, keep me wanting to be better by you.

I pray that my faith in God helps you to know that Jesus does love you and me. You never have to doubt it.

Be blessed – mtw

What you allow is what will continue…

Good morning everyone, Happy Wednesday.

Today I am setting up a challenge for myself and I know that quite a few of you might even join in… 😊 I hereby challenge myself to take some time within the day to stop what I’m doing and look out at the bright blue sky above and marvel at the miracle in front of me. I will Thank God for each moment I have been blessed with and I will breathe.

Be blessed – mtw

Good Morning

Having a bad day is ok… ironically it helps us grow 🤫. Just remember that your bad day is not there forever and even if it revisits you at some other point in time it will be ok then too.

So embrace the bad day when it rears it’s ugly head and smile knowing at the thought that you survived it in the past and you will in the future.

Go out and smile at someone just because it might be the one thing someone else needed at that point in time.

Be blessed ~ mtw

Listen up hunny 💚

You need to read between the lines but also not jump to random conclusions for no purpose whatsoever… but if they ghost you remember this, it’s their loss!

We need to learn a valuable lesson… someone who ghosts you needs their privacy respected… let them be. Your future is brighter without them

So go forth and prosper 💚💚💚

Be blessed ~ mtw

We’re worth it

Today is going to be epic… I can’t wait to see how it plays out. Well a girl can dream. You see in all honesty I’ve got the odds stacked against me for sure in my current situation but I choose to see the lighter side of life.

I can’t and won’t allow my bullies to win or steal even a smidgen of my happiness. That is most certainly not going to happen.

I’m standing my ground and keeping my head held high.

So I challenge you to step in to your worth too. You are made to be glorious, remember that.

Be yourself 10/01/2021

Today is the first day of the rest of your life…

I think that this is the time that I’m going to breathe more and take a good look at who I am. Although I’m aware that I am actually the same person wherever I go I’m that same awkward weirdo at work as at home as in life. I’m learning to stand up for me.

Be yourself and change for no one. They can change for you.

Your attitude determines your altitude…

Has anyone ever said to you “you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself”? Well when you do hear it think about this for a second…could you have approached the situation differently? Could I have done it better or without the fiery sarcasm? Or is the other person totally out of their mind? Funny enough it could quite honestly be all three BUT it could be the moment we step back and reflect.

My daddy used to repeatedly tell me my attitude would determine my altitude… the ground work you put in would determine how high you soar in life. Learn to adjust your approach even slightly and expect great things.

Be the change you want to see…

Today is the day that I will be grateful and thankful despite any situation that heads my way… well I’m really going to give it my best shot.

Too many times we don’t see the wood for the trees… it’s time to be more observant and awake on things around us. Stop seeing only the negatives and try to see the good, wholesome and positive. Today I woke up… so many others didn’t have that opportunity. So I’m grateful to God for another blank page that I’ve been granted.

It’s time to enjoy each moment. Be that person who takes one moment just to breathe and inspire someone else to be their better version. Kindness is invaluable and it’s free. Your smile could literally save a life because everyone is going through shiz you know nothing about so stay true and be kind

Be blessed

Keep up the great work

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts

Winston Churchill

Breathe it in…

So often life’s craziness feels as though it knocks us down. We are tempted to whine and complain and throw the pity party of the year because we feel as though the world owes us a living…news flash 😂😂😂 it actually doesn’t owe you anything. So get back up, put your big girl panties on and get a move on.

You are not a failure if you get up and try again.

I’m proud of you for trying. ~mtw

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to peruse them” ~ Walt Disney

Think about that for a moment… it’s actually quite profound.

Have you found your tribe yet?

Everyone has at some point had a dream or a song in your heart that started at a young age. Many of us dream big but then life happens and we start second guessing ourselves and our abilities. When we reinforce the doubt we tend to lose our ability to dream and dream big and fall into the rut of normality. Every day becomes a mission and we are filled with the “what if’s” we teach our children by default and by our actions that our dreams are invalid, which sends a loud and clear message to our impressionable children that their dreams don’t count…STOP THIS IMMEDIATELY.

Make yourself a priority and send the message to your kiddo that they too can live their dreams.

Let’s ensure that the future is filled with adults which in turn teach their children to never give up.

Be blessed.


There is no shame in not knowing: the shame lies in not finding out~Russian Proverb

Some of the gossipers in the group are probably thinking that I am validating their inability to keep private matters to themselves but alas I am in fact not😂 my point of this post is to remind everyone that even when we are older than time we still have the ability to empower ourselves with knowledge every day.

Try to learn at least one fact a day that you didn’t know OR if you are given the opportunity and ability to study further or improve yourself in your field of expertise or work. Go out and prosper. You’ve got this.

Let’s do better.

Let’s challenge ourselves daily

Let’s grow.

You there?

Hey… How are you doing? Ok, remember that you are safe here and although I understand that we are programmed to respond with “I’m fine” I’m honestly interested in how you are really doing, don’t hide behind the invisible force field that tells you no one cares because we do.

If 2020 taught us anything it was that we need to learn to speak out and somehow break the chains of isolation (even online).

Pre covid and lockdowns we could embrace and now that’s been taken out of the equation to keep ourselves and others safe.

So this is me sending a cyber hug to YOU, pull up a chair and pour a coffee and tell me something… How are YOU? Are YOU ok? I hope so my friend,i really do.

Be blessed. mtw