Our God Reigns

I am a believer and I’m not ashamed of that… I don’t and won’t judge your belief structure God allows us freedom of choice xxx I’ve made my choice and right or wrong I’m sticking to it.

The island of misfit toys #DBF4L

How many times have you been pigeon holed by someone who actually doesn’t know you but who has “heard” all about you from your hater’s who don’t know you but who assume they know.

The land of TikTok is a world wide phenomenon if you’re not not familiar with the app you’re missing out a whole bunch. My TikTok journey started on the 26th August 2019 and although I am a small timer with 8000 friends/followers I am part of a family that prides itself in being different. We don’t have to conform to the cliques that judge us unfairly and call us names because we are fearlessly amazing. Each one of us belong to the #DBF4L (The island of misfit toys)

The first livestream I stumbled into was the creator @dooshbagmcgee and boy am I blessed to have done that…

Follow @dooshbagmcgee on TIKTOK

Often judged and misunderstood but always real… he is the best creator on TikTok… if you’re looking for real. Don’t judge him by his name… he is definitely not a Doosh.

Head over to his account and follow @dooshbagmcgee and while you’re there look for @catladyapril6 and ofcourse me @radmanthedude.

The Booger Man

This is a true life event that happened on the night of my 40th birthday at my previous favorite restaurant… I mention previous because since this event happened I have had to look for greener pastures (excuse the pun) 🤣

It was a dark and wintery night… OK ok let me get on with it 🤣😂🤣 I can laugh now but the night it happened was not funny at all.

My gorgeous loving husband blessed me for my 40th by surprising me with a wonderful dinner after a long day at work at my favorite restaurant and I was ecstatic.

So we sit down in a booth at the window with a sea view second to none and we order our food and chat a while enjoying each other’s company… Life was good and the company impeccable.

Our food arrives and as I am about to tuck in my focus is drawn to a staff member strolling through the restaurant picking his nose, studying the Booger on his curled up finger, rolling the Booger and flicking the Booger into the air. (I am not kidding although I honestly wish I was) it is an occupational hazard for me (an Educator) to notice something as odd and gross as this because I deal with snot pickers by default. If it happened once I could have shrugged it off and said “ah no harm no foul” and got on with my birthday dinner but the Booger an must have had a cold or something (it was cold and flu season after all) because the whole 2 hours we were there he would pick, survey, roll and flick his green essence around the restaurant as he patrolled the restaurant lost in his diamond digging venture.


My husband and son kept saying “just leave it please do not make a scene” but of course anyone who knows me knows I have a tremendous hard time just letting things go.

At the same moment a staff member spots me staring at the Booger man and runs over to say “good evening mam, is everything ok?” to which I responded “I need to speak to your manager please…” (just call me Karin)

She walks off to call the manager and guess who gallops over to my table to help? THE BOOGER MAN himself.

Oh my shattered nerves… Are you kidding me right now? 🤢🤢🤢🤢

“Good evening man how can I help you?” to which I answered “get away from me…. Gross… I don’t want you here leave me alone…”


My embarrassed family get up and leave begging me to shut up and not make a scene… I walk off and I am met by yet another manager asking if he can help me… So as I was explaining why I was irate and upset Mr Booger man arrived again and stood super close to me to speak quietly about the unfortunate incident to which I freak out again and ask him apparently quite loud (go figure) to move the f xxx away from me with his Booger infested hands “can’t you get a damn kleenex for your boogered nose? YOU HAVE PICKED, STUDIED, ROLLED AND FLICKED YOUR SNOT ALL OVER THE RESTAURANT AND I DON’T WANT YOU NEAR ME…” OK turns out the reason I couldn’t hear anyone else is because everyone was engrossed in the conversation that was going down the middle of the restaurant 😳😳😳 dinner and a show.

So the operations manager orders the Booger man to leave us until it is all sorted out and we continue our discussion he offered me a free meal to which I declined . I paid and left.

When I got home I called head office and told them what had happened and they had the owner (operations manager) call me in the morning to sort things out. “please come back and have a meal on us… It will never happen again I promise” “I don’t want free food and besides if I do come back I’ll have more than boogers in my food, no thank you”

So a month later I was walking with my son in our local shop PICK AND PAY and guess who I physically bumped into? The Booger man himself… My son says “please mon let’s just go” so I walk on and casually say “well atleast you’re in the right shop now hey” 😂

The Booger man now works at a different restaurant location and although the years have passed I am still mindful of that fateful night and prefer to cook my own meals because I can guarantee they are booger free.

Dear You…

Thank you for being my friend even in times where I am unlovable…

Thank you for picking me up when I fall down (after you wet yourself laughing at my dumb ass and I’ve collapsed in a puddle of laughter)

Thank you for drying my tears when I cry over the big stuff and stupid stuff.

Thank you for making time to spend with me even when you are too busy in your own life…

Thank you for telling me off when I need someone to be the voice of reason.

Thank you for accepting my weirdness and loving me just as I am.

I don’t deserve you but you’re perfectly you xxxx

Love you infinity.

You there?

Hey you!

How you doing today…?

I’m kinda ok today.. my kid is back to work after 2 months mandatory lock down in South Africa and although he is a grown assed man I , as his mamma am still freaked out and would prefer him to be safe at home. Yes I know I sound like a terror mom and let me tell you right now he is anything but a mama’s boy BUT it’s my prerogative (sp) to feel nervous.

I know he is in fact in great hands because his Angel is with him and ultimately God is in control. So I need to realize it’s all going to be ok.

If you’re anything like me you’re a self talker… trick is to learn to be nice to yourself too and mow spew lies into your heart over yourself…. you’ve got this… chill out and learn to be nice.


Greetings and salutations to all my friends and family from all over the world. How are you doing today?

Today I would like to encourage you to make the time for YOU. Yes you read correctly… put YOUrself on the priority list for once. To many people reading this statement it is scary and daunting because you/we are so used to try and be everything to everyone and we feel our anxieties soar in the midst of the chaos surrounding us that we forget to recharge our batteries and replenish our very own resources.

I’m not discounting being a support structure to others at all and I too am someone who goes all out with a sincere heart and mind to encourage and be there for ANYONE a who needs me. If I consider you core (you know who you are… #zacksangels #dbf4l) you are a priority on my list and you always will be… you never have to question it.

It is perfectly acceptable to recharge the batteries and do you for a moment in time.

Take time for yourself whether it involves prayer, meditation,music, sitting in a quite spot chilling, being with people that recharge your batteries, eating good food or anything else that builds your confidence and recharges your depleted batteries.

In my life I have finally ( about 8 years ago… apparently I’m a slow learner 🤪🤪🤪) realized that when I’m feeling as though my world is colliding and imploding what really helps me is to spend time talking to God and more often than not I’m made aware that even when I’m having a pity party about random inconsequential stuff I the problem was that I had just lost focus. I had majored on the minor stuff which my anxieties had highlighted. I can in fact not help others fully if I don’t help myself.

So whoever you are, wherever you are remember that you are doing good out there you just need to prioritize yourself too…

Now go out and conquer…

To all my awesome American brothers and sisters… I wish you a wonderful MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND… be blessed as you spend time with the ones who make you feel loved and rejuvenated.

Be kind today to someone….just because

Good morning y’all. As I sit at my desk to start the day ahead I am thinking of the times we are living in, as crazy as it is, and I’ve been noticing how although many people are frightened,angry and have worry burning in their eyes… there are also those people out there who are spreading kindness and joy where ever they go. Not because they are weird but because everyone needs it.

You see, a simple act of kindness can change the other person’s day, week or month People need to feel connected with others, even for that fleeting moment.

Due to the corona virus we are now social distancing and the simple act of a hug to make someone’s day has been robbed from them, and of us, as we are not allowed to be within 6ft from anyone at any given moment.

So say something nice to a random stranger, that bullied kid or anyone you know … make it count.



As I write this post it is 1am in Cape Town, South Africa…. and I was on my way to bed when I thought…. WAIT… DONT GO TO BED YET UNTIL YOU TELL THEM SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT…

Jesus Christ loves You… yes HE really does and even when you feel as though it is baloney you need to know that it really isn’t .


He cares for you and loves you as you are… You really matter and don’t you ever forget that.

Much love to you and good night 💚💚💚💚💚

Incase no one told you…yet


Thank You for everything that you do for us … we might not show it but we really appreciate you more than you will ever know. You matter 💚💚💚 It doesn’t matter whether you are a mom… or single (due to circumstances) dad doing the mom role … THANK YOU.

It doesn’t matter what might be happening around you and how alone you think you are, you matter 💚

I’m proud of you because you are working on being the best you that you can be and we all see the effort and appreciate it muchly.

Be yourself

You heard that correctly… post a photo or two of yourself and show people what you look like xx

I’m no oil painting…. water colors are more my style 😂😂😂😂

I’m quite ordinary and plain but I’m ok with being myself because I am the person you will meet… I don’t add aires and graces to impress anyone I just prefer to be who I am.

It takes many people years to realize that they are perfect just as they are, I might have more junk in my trunk than a removal company but it’s ok too. 💚💚💚💚

Shine… be your authentic self and you will find that people relate more to your authenticity than the mask you wear x

You’re really important… you matter.

Each of you have a story to tell.. sit down and write it. Who knows maybe one day I’ll get to read it…

You see …I’m one of the people who , if you saw me in the street, is just kind of forgettable… that’s ok. The people that matter the most think that I matter and when they haven’t seen me for a day or two wonder where I am. Enter TikTok. An app which by definition is a glorious way to meet the most phenomenal and wonderfully different like minded people and a way to pass the time.

I used to always have a quirky spring in my step, I’m different and I was raised to be comfortable inside my skin and to not feel the need to conform to the absolute masses. I joined TikTok in September 2019 and apart from finally meeting my first sister from another mister and Mentor, Victoria, Thank you girl xxx I was blessed to stumble into a live stream of a guy that little did I know then would change my life for the better too, he is quirky, fun and where most other live streamers are just full of it this guy actually serves real ness and proves that having a ‘hard core’ name on the app is actually a good guy with a heart of gold. He is the pack leader of our TikTok clan 💚💚💚#DBF4L a clan where no one is left out because of their difference. He also made me part of the clan from the first time I walked in…and he gave me the new name on the app…

@dooshbagmcgee a.k.a Zack this is my moment to thank you for being the way you are… a one in a million friend … you are often judged and ignored by ignorant people but you are simply amazing to those of us that actually care about you and will stay in your corner.

Embrace your difference xxx

Write your story… let it be read.


Sometimes we allow ourselves to be consumed by feelings of self doubt and anxieties that feel overwhelming and we are left feeling as though we are all alone in the world… no one knows the mess we feel inside our beings because we exhibit self confidence and to the world around us. We need to take stock of our emotional beings and ask ourselves…”If I could take a selfie of my soul… would I find it attractive enough to post?”

We all have a void in our heart of hearts… a God vacuum, so to speak. Now I know there are many out there who are rolling their eyes and debating this statement… they are also vowing never to read anymore of this blog (written by a *mudhut dwelling… tree climbing… twifi rubbing glue sick) but give me a minute of your time xxx

You see… God actually lovesYOU so much… HE gave HIS Son for us … John 3:16 that’s 100000% true and in this corona virus filled time it’s easy to question it or try doubt it but it’s true. I also know that if I (or you) were the very last person on Earth HE would still have done it…

We are all sinners and not one of us is perfect,.

You matter x

You’re one of a kind and you’re a blessing to everyone that has ever crossed paths with you 💚💚💚

It doesn’t matter who you are… you’re worth it 💚💚💚💚💚

Make every moment matter

I hope you actually take a moment to reflect on this post…

Sometimes we are easily distracted by the thought that we are entitled to have a stress and problem free life and when life throws us a curve ball (which happens more often than not) we throw all our toys out the cot whining and complaining about everything and nothing…

In our everyday lives we are popular and friends are plentiful and good days are like party central… we are the main man and are never alone. It is however a sad reality that we can stand in a crowd of people and still feel alone in the world and detached from everyone that fills the space around us. We put on a mask so that there can be no doubt about our popularity and how brave we are and inside our anxieties feel as though they are eating us alive.

When problems arise it becomes clear that the crowds of people that filled the gaps in our life suddenly disappear and we are no longer good enough for the masses. This is enough to make our anxieties become giants that loom over us taunting and jeering at our self perceived inadequacies and it feels as though we are unworthy of having people that matter to us around us because our giants like us to remember that we are not good enough. AND YET…

You need to understand that the TRUE FRIENDS that have never left your side will stick to your side through the good and bad times like a heavy duty super glue that bonds for life will forever be on your side xxx A true friend will brave life’s storm with you xxx Stay in your corner even when you are to busy hanging with those that will ditch you when you need them most.

You will always matter to your circle of true friends… Even though you may live world’s apart… True friends will never give up on you xxx

How are you really?

It’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to sit back and focus on the baby in my family (my blog) and today I felt the need to sit down and write to you my friends and readers.

It’s often that we will respond to someone who asks us… “How are you doing.” with the general response of “I’m fine thank you…” even when we know that we’re in fact not fine and we would love to respond “actually I’m feeling down and depressed… in a crowded room I feel as though I am not seen or valued to anyone out there and I just want to scream” but we paste a crazy arsed smile on our face and carry on with, business as usual.

Can I tell you something? You really matter …. you really really do.

People will often fail us BUT God never fails. Some people see Him as a “unicorn in the sky” truth be told He is the Alpha and Omega the Beginning and the End.

You’re never alone xxx

Corona Virus

Hey all.

It’s been a while since I have blogged and I was missing you incredibly and thought I would touch base with you all xx

I would like to ask you, wherever you are in the world, to be safe and to remember to wash your hard and do all the necessary hygiene protocol that our respective governments have been asking us to adhere to…

I have seen many people in the world NOT think Corona is much of a threat and that it will blow over quickly… Let’s try and be responsible and be mindful of the fact that it’s growing expedentially daily and the numbers we are given are mild compared to what is happening xxx

Stay at home and spend time with your loved ones. Self incubate because you just never know…

And on a slightly lighter note… I saw this and had to post… 🤗

Be blessed xxx

Love you

Be careful who yo think you trust..

Today was a cluster truck of drama and emotional turmoil for me and I was feeling a whole range of emotions… which literally drained the life out of me leaving me to feel overwhelmed and despondent…

This is actually 100% accurate of my day.

I can share this statement openly with you because I know all about horrendous sucky days, I do not only have skippity do dah days I also experience the yippy Kai yay ones too… This is because, I’m human too “surprise”


And you know what my friends… It’s OK.

I found myself feeling more frustrated and peeved than boo HOO cry me a river sad. That’s OK too because it’s part of the cycle and sequence of life.

Remember that just because things might feel crazy and dark it doesn’t mean it’s over. Look up because girlfriend/boyfriend you’ve got this… I believe in your ability to make it.

Some people are sitting right now plotting against you… Prove them wrong x

Happy weekend

How’s your week been so far?

My week has been heartbreaking and stressful xx I got devastating news at work on Tuesday and it’s actually gone pear-shaped since then. I’m trying to remind myself to not react adversely because in all fairness what other’s do you you they need to answer for and how I react to it I have to answer for.

Ever had something happen that stood the possibility of taking everything away from you in a matter of moments? It’s our time to realize that we need to remember we are not strong enough to do it alone.. I’m trusting God for my miracle.

I’m not allowing something I have no power over to take away my peace… I’m going to rest easy this weekend knowing that it will all work out in the end.

Thank you Lord Jesus for your Peace.

You OK?

So how are you doing today? How are you really doing?

Yesterday was s a busy day… A butt kicking hot day in Cape Town and the first day of work after a well deserved month of leave xxx

It was fun to meet all the little ones that I will be learning with and guiding though 2020. Some will teach me stick ability and endurance but that is OK too. Then I was surprised at 445pm by a family whose daughter I taught 10 years ago who were looking for a school for their other little one. I was blown away to hear the sister (whom I taught so many years ago..) had just experienced her first day of (drumroll please…) HIGH SCHOOL.

Oh my shattered nerves.. #speechless

I really do hope they join my class because they are a very special family close to my heart.

Whatever you are doing in your life… Do it with all your heart.

This year is going to be the year of plenty. What we experience in excess is what we put out there. I’m going out of my way to open the door to possibilities that grow me and close it on that which is offered to me to hurt and break me.

It doesn’t matter who it’s from I’m closing doors that in the greater scheme of things is not healthy for me. I will however not just slam it without stepping out of my comfort zone to peak because maybe, just maybe it was meant to be open BUT IF GOD CLOSES IT ITS STAYING SHUT.

Not everyone in your dash is there to stay forever.

Love, live, laugh and respect the process.

And then…

Hello my dear friends xxx I hope you are feeling loved and appreciated today. I want you to remember that you are absolutely wonderful and I appreciate you 100%

Tomorrow morning I am back at work for the day in preparation for the next week and then on Monday my work year officially starts xxx I loved being on leave but I’m looking forward to time with my new class.

I have however promised myself that I would not be a stranger on my blog this year because I need all of you as much as you hopefully need me.

Be blessed, Love you ♥️

Not today Satan… not today.

It’s amazing how many times we try impress people hat have nothing better to do than to mock and treat us as though we are an imposition to them. They scurry around and huddle in their little groups pointing and jeering at us.

You know something? God sees all. He has got you.

My unpopular opinion ♥️♥️♥️

It could be a blessing or a lesson… Either way it’s worth it.

I actually believe anything and everything happens for a reason, exactly when it’s meant to happen and how it’s meant to happen… This is a very unpopular opinion but it’s what I believe.

We are given choices in life… It’s almost like we stand in front of a humongous puzzle/maze and every choice we make has a ripple effect but in the greater scheme of things we are meant to be where we are meant to be, when we are meant to be xxx

Enjoy your choices xxx The end picture is pre destined… How you get there is your choice xxx

So that happened…

Today I realized that even though I am on an app called tiktok and have only 5800 +- followers or as my group #dbf4l call it supporters… Which in tiktok rings is minimal. I have 5800 wonderful people who support my journey on the app.

These people are inspiring to me because I have found other people who are like minded as you wonderful people are. And I’m grateful for all of you.

What happened today was I had a conversation with my soon to be twenty year old son who told me that he had discussed tiktok and my journey on it since 26 August 2019, and how I had over 5000 followers with his girlfriend’s mom and her friends.

At this point I cringed and said “Josh, did they laugh at my low numbers? 🤔😲… I’ve only been doing it for 4 months… I’m trying, really I am but it’s taking longer than I’m hoping but…”

To which he interrupted me with… “mom, stop… You’re doing well and they we impressed… So relax”

The point to my story… “Do You, Boo…” Don’t compare yourself to others, they are rocking it out to their Anthem, stay in your lane, you worry about yourself, you worry about you.



Be inspired.

#strongertogether #zoeystrong #borntoglow #foruyou #dbf4l #teamweirdness

Let’s learn to fully enjoy life

You deserve it.

Here’s a plan we can all think about.. If it makes you desperately unhappy why the heck do it? Sometimes we do thing because we feel obligated to… Damn, if you do it don’t moan about a choice you chose to make… Smarter choices people… 😁

I’m speaking from experience… I have a person in my life that treats my absolutely dismally x She bullies me in to a situation by using emotional blackmail and because I’m a nice person I continued uptil today. Today I went but was sure to voice my opinion… I’m proud of me x

Change has already been made in 2020 and we are only 3 days in…

Hooray x

Challenge accepted

Dear Self,

This is a year of growth for you. Sometimes growth is painful but that’s OK too. You see 2019 kicked you down but you’re still here… “But DID YOU DIE?” Nope you’re still standing… And I’m proud of you.

I challenge you to breathe more… Deep meaningful breaths. Breaths that matter, breaths that count.

If people are derogatory towards you… Breathe. Change your reaction and grow.

Enjoy every bit of life and thrive xxx

Nothing is impossible xxx

I don’t know about you but I’m excited about the changes that are heading my way.



Hey you… Yes you, the special person reading this right now xxx I just wanted to let you know that you are incredible and I really appreciate you from the bottom of my heart.

Quite often we find ourselves feeling as though we can’t go on but in all reality you really can and you are more than enough… Please never ever forget it xxx Challenges may come and challenges may go but you my dear friend have got this. Never ever give up x

I’m so proud of you. I really am proud of you. When you feel as though the world is on your case and it all seems crazy and as if your world is spiraling out of control… Stop, breathe and move on.

Find your passion and just go with it.

Truth be told… No one is perfect and we are all cracked, in some parts of our lives.

Just learn to laugh at yourself… Life is too short to take everything and everyone so seriously xxx

2020 is your’s.

Put God first and the rest is gravy xxx

Happy new years to you ♥️

Season’s greetings…

Hello to one and all…

It’s been a busy few weeks as we prepare for the Christmas time festivities with our nearest and dearest. Ironically even though I am finally on leave I am finding myself busier than ever. For this I apologise with my whole being.

I hope this post finds you well and that you are not alone at this time of year xxx Many people feel most alone when they near Christmas and they feel as though they can’t go on… please never give up x

Life is all about ups and downs and ebbs and tides but tomorrow is going to be greeting us with open arms. Just don’t give up.

You are loved, you are needed and you are worth it x


Oh my shattered nerves God is so very good…

I have just started my own business as a proud affiliate of this wonderful South African company. I’m so very excited about this new branch on my life tree.

Unfortunately we only ship products within the borders of South Africa but it’s a lifetime opportunity. So if you need any wonderful stocking fillers this Christmas or quality gifts for your little ones go to the link above and look through my online catalogue.


Yesterday was a very bad day… I woke up saying that I was going to have a great day and it’s going to be amazing…

It wasn’t.

I had someone I thought liked me as a person and who I respected… Throw a dirty toilet cleaning brush and holder at me covering me is sludge from the “drip unit”. I was devastated, humiliated and embarrassed by this event. I was taken back in that instant to the scared, bullied little girl who was always on the outside looking in, in my school life many years ago.

In that instant I was filled by 30 years of absolute rage and anger that seemed to spill out of every pore. I was very sad and in a blink of an eye I missed my daddy, my hero who used to take a day off in my younger years to fix all the wrongs and injustices done to me by taking me out of that environment to take a chill pill.

I sobbed uncontrollably for hours missing this giant of a man who could right every wrong by just being there.

I woke up today not wanting to go to the place of my “jestful attack” but it was mandatory that I go so I put on my big girl panties 🤐 and went inside with a fake it till you make it smile still reeling in the humiliation of what had occurred. As I did the necessary and met a friend who was not there yesterday… I started missing my Daddy again and the tears streamed down my cheeks uncontrollably when anyone enquired (although they really knew what was wrong) I answered “just missing my Daddy” low and behold the persecutor (although in jest) came up to where I was sitting bent down hugged me and kissed the top of my head and said “I’m sorry you missing your dad but it will get better it takes time but it would get easier to deal with eventually”

Then a funny thing happened… My daddy said to me “it’s OK Don Dons… It’s OK”

The tears dried up a bit and I forgave my antagonizor.

I’m not saying they deserve to be forgiven because it wasn’t OK in the slightest But I forgave them so I can have peace! Forgiveness is often not for them but for us.

So what was your yesterday like?


Someone, somewhere in this great big world needs this right now.

You’re worth it….

You’re more than enough..

I’m proud of you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

You rock… #dbf4l #teamnikole

There are great people in the outside who are right in front of you if only you would get out of your comfort zone and look around you…

Be blessed and be authentically you always.

Love you.

I’ve learned this is so true even more recently… some people will come in our life and spend a short period and we will never see or hear from them again… and this could be both a painful, heart breaking experience or it could be the best time of your life and others move in and stay forever and that is a huge blessing. You see it’s important for us to realize that it’s not our material possessions that define us but who we allow into our circle of trust that is important.

I have recently joined TikTok which is a lip syncing app online and although there are loads (millions) of people who I wouldn’t have ever imagined I’d “hangout” with I’ve met some astoundingly fantastic and welcoming people. Yes there are bullies who think they can control your every move and decision but there are also those that are the most fantasmagoric beings you will meet…

I’ve found these people through my blog and on TikTok…

I’m happy to be able to chill, and lip sync to some of my favorite songs. It’s just relaxing to pop by and see how my friends are doing and celebrate their journey and successes and even stand with them on their most trying and difficult times.

A satisfied life…

I’ve personally had to snap out of my jealous streak that rears its ugly head every now and again… And atleast I’m “man enough” to admit when I’m wrong.

I find myself struggling to work from pay check to paycheck for a boss that doesn’t treat me very well alot of the time… where I’m either at home or at work, no extras no holidays no outings, but it’d OK because at least I have an income. When you are seeing others that are always on holiday somewhere in the world and they live like royalty while I just struggle.

You know what I know that God has something heading my way at some point and I’m learning daily to rejoice with them in their daily blessings. I’m genuinely learning how to be happy for everyone around me. In all fairness and sincerity I have enough?

I am satisfied with my enough.

For anyone out there struggling and feeling as though you just can’t deal…

I wish you enough. ❤️

Bokke VS Japan

It’s 750 am in South Africa and the dawn of the Jpn VS Rsa match and my mind is racing a million miles an minute. So I decided to give my unpopular opinion and I am probably going to get a lot of hate mail because of this… (I hope not but I need to say this)

Yes I would obviously want my country to win their match against Japan I just need everyone to not be over cocky and complacent about the fact that we are playing against Japan.. If the host country wasn’t a good team they wouldn’t have come as far as they have…

We generally become cheeky and not do our best when we think we have the win in the bag before we have even started. Let’s not be so sure of ourselves that we give less of ourselves. Go big or come home. Yes I said it.. Give it your all. Not a half a job not a lesser portion.. YOUR ABSOLUTE ALL.

Yes I will support my boys, if however you do not do your best and you play like a bunch of pre schoolers who don’t think it’s a serious enough and who disrespect your opposition by not giving your best… 😭😭😭😭🤔

Go BOKKE asseblief moet nie uit Hak en kak aanvang nie…

Just remember that Japan won’t go down without a fight and are coming with their A++ game let’s make sure we do too.

Be you…

To whoever is reading this right now…

You’ve got this and it’s going to be OK. If you starting your day feeling like the champion you are things will be plain sailing and even if a few bumps in the road appear it will still be OK.

It doesn’t matter what other’s think as long as you’re living the best life you can and growing through anything.

Keep doing you.

Part of our dash*

OK alot of confusion reigns when I thank people (or tell them) how happy I am to be blessed with them in my dash… Let’s just realize that the moment we are born our dash begins and when we one day meet our maker(or whatever you believe happens when you die) our dash on earth closes. Anyone that we meet in our lives become a part of our dash.

On the plus side some people don’t stay long and those that are meant to be there stay. Some pop in and out and some remain for the longest time.

I’ve met a whole lot of awesome people both online and in person and there are people I will never forget because you enrich my life so very much.

I’m happy to have you all with me in my dash and I hope that when you think of me you smile at the thought of this oddball who makes it her mission to se you happy.

For being in my dash..

HEARD this one?

A lady is driving down the road when her phone rings and she answers.

Its her husband “my love… be careful when you drive on the interstate there is a mad man driving 100km/ph going the wrong way”

To which she responds…”are you kidding me? There are hundreds ”


Perception changes everything.

Look around you and see the glory and wonder of life. Ok ok im not saying drive on the wrong side of the road but what i am trying to convey is that follow the rules in life but smash up the very box people put you in to limit your abilities…

Why fit in if you were born to stand out?

Ive always been… a little different (some people say cracked😂) and i try and be unique in a world of puppets that conform to do exactly what the crowd does.

Truth is im happy to be me.

Be you… the real you… the authentic you. If you feel as thougj you want to a like being like everyone else … your choice but im happy being myself.

I see life around me differently and thats ok too.

Have a good day everyone and be different but stay on your side of the road;)


Good morning!

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives.. In all reality it is a gift to us and as much as some out there believe it’s their right to have another and another in an endless cycle… we are not simply entitled to have another day.

OK ok I’m not trying to preach doom and gloom but I am saying that we need to live each moment and find good in each.

Learn from the bad and move on. If life kicks our butts get up straighten your crown and keep going.

Tomorrow is not guaranteed so never go to sleep angry because you might not wake up or if you do you may wake up with regret.

Live in the moment and be grateful