It’s been a while

Hello my lovelies.

Sometimes we need to take a moment to look inside ourselves and change our inner dialog. We often silence ourselves in how we feel and we keep repeating the hateful and hurtful comments thrown our way by people who we allow to live rent free deep inside us. STOP.

THINK ABOUT IT FOR ONE MOMENT… We allow their comments to fester inside us. Laughable isn’t it?

So as I promise you right now I’d ask you to promise me that this shizzz stops now.

We are absolutely phenomenal and we are fearless. Their words are being evicted and will never cut into our souls ever again.

BUSY BABIES Educational Playschool

I’d love to tell you about one of my absolute places in the South Peninsula.

If you’re looking for an Educational Playschool for your child you need to look no further.

This charming little school in the heart of Noordhoek opened its doors on the 4th of October 2004 (17 Years ago) The lovely Brigitte Wecke has put her heart and soul into making this school a 5 star place for you to leave your child daily.

The school is registered with the Department of Social Development and welcome regular visits by the Health and Fire Departments as well as the Social Development Department in order to maintain their exceptionally high standards.

This charming school focuses on fun, learning and creativity.

Safety is their first concern and they not only have electric fencing they also have an intercom and an outside camera.

The dedicated staff and involved with each child from start to finish while the attend this beautiful school. They put each child first and make everyday a fun and incredible experience.

The wonderful staff who make sure your child is looked after and who make learning fun are: Patricia, Nolly, Whitney, Kristen, Natasha and Brigitte.

Each week there is a new and exciting and structured syllabus with a new theme to help your child learn all about the world around them. Their syllabus focuses on basic numbers, colours (primary and secondary) shapes, under the sea, seasons, Christmas and so much more with each week bringing a new and exciting theme.

They follow strict covid regulations and protocol to ensure your little one’s safety.

Busy Babies has an Christian Ethos but accept all religions with open arms. Everyone is welcome.

Every Monday they do a fun baking/cookie decorating activity which is looked forward to by each and every young child.

There are four age appropriate classes at this gem of a school. Each class is small, personal and intimate with both the younger classes having an assistant in the class with the Teacher. Each class has a whatsapp group in which the Teacher sends pictures and information to you the parent.

Your child will bring home his/her art project everyday so that they can make you as their parent beam with pride from their beautiful work.

A delicious lunch is presented to your child everyday at lunchtime

There is an open communicstion and dialog between parents and staff and your child will have a daily review book to let you know what is happening at school.

Classes incorporate music, storytime, freeplay, ringtime, art time and outdoor play every single day.

The school treats each child as a holistic being and also focuses on both fine motor (pencil grip etc) and gross motor as well as potty training to help your little one progress with confidence.

Your child will never be bored at school as Busy Babies have exciting areas of play for the children in their care such as imagination play, dress up, chalk drawing, wooden toys, barbies and educational toys. Yes they literally have it all.

You don’t even have to bring your child’s plastic bike to school as the school have them ready and waiting for your trailblazer.

This beautiful school sports a wooden element jungle gym, spiral Mc Donald’s like play structure for every young adventurer. With ball play, hoops and skipping ropes at the ready for outdoor freeplay.

Extra Mural activities include: Ballet, Tumbling Stars, Wriggle and Rhyme and soccer stars.

Outdoor entertainment is also supplied for the children at Busy Babies and they include snake shows, aquarium visits to to the school for puppet shows and even dog shows.

There are annual parent meetings, a fantastic Christmas play and a 5 star graduation ceremony for the Pre Grade R’s.

Two progress assessments to let you, the parent know how your child is coping and progressing in their class.

Holiday clubs are available every June and December and this school only closes in the second and fourth term for holidays.

Guess what else: Once a month this incredible school hosts a PJ night for your child 🤗😊👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 leaving a date night opportunity for mom’s and dad’s. How absolutely stunning is that? You get to have a child free romantic night while your child is having an exciting time in the safety of an amazing staff who gladly dedicate their time to your child.

Look out for their exciting Busy Babies Facebook page and stay up to date.

There are spots available for 2022 so don’t delay call Brigitte now to go and see for yourself how awesome this school is.

Brigitte Wecke +27 82 352 0303

Here’s to you

I wish you the very best for Christmas . I pray that you are safe and warm and that should you be on your own this festive season that you remember that even though situation might physically put you in a place where you’re alone there are still others thinking of you right now.

Never give up, you’re an amazing wonderful person and my world is better with you in it.

I think of you daily, who you are and where you are… what makes you happy or sad and I stand in amazement to know that you’re looking up at the same sky that I’m looking at. Even though we are far apart or really close I still hold you in my prayers and in my heart.

Thank you for being you and for being a part of my dash. My world would be empty without you in it.

As we approach the last week before Christmas we need to remind ourselves that we are entitled to hold our own opinions dear. We are allowed to think for ourselves and know what we believe.

Other people are entitled to their opinions too. It matters not that we might not share an opinion as those around us but it does matter that we allow them the dignity and respect of their opinions.

So many times we are expected to agree with other people’s political, spiritual or daily thoughts and opinions and we inturn find ourselves upset when others don’t agree with ours.

Stop it immediately.

Who cares?

Imagine how boring and mundane life would be, right? Booooooooooring.

So let us agree to disagree and add some spice into our daily life. Don’t do things to please others at the expense of yourself.

Change the narrative

Seven months ago, I left the area I had lived in for oven 40 years. The house I had lived in as a carer for months where 23 years of being told how I wasn’t good enough taunted me and stressed me out above and beyond.

I avoided this emotionally volatile house for many many months because whenever I came in I was taken back to that ideology of being less than.

Today I have stepped back into this house… voluntarily I may add because I decided to change the narrative and laugh in places I have always cried bitterly. You know what… so far so good.

I’m laughing at silly stuff and changing the narrative. When I think back on this day I’m not seeing the tears and scars inflected on me in the past or the knots in the knots in my tummy I feel right now. I’m reminded of the laughter an the silliness.

Change the narrative. Choose happiness.

Don’t let life pass you by…

We are living in exciting times. Times that it is important to realize that we will never get back and I challenge you today to choose to make each moment count. Look around you and for once live in the moment.

Let’s start a new trend in our lives as we know it… appreciate one another because that’s what the holidays are all about. Togetherness. This is the time to slow down and learn to actually enjoy life.

Isn’t it time to put differences aside and get rid of the bitterness we store up towards one another?

You see it’s now good to hold onto the chains of oppression that we cast on ourselves when we hold on to bitterness. I’ve given up the grudges I held on to against those that have wronged me… it’s not worth losing my mind over. It doesn’t mean the people that wrong us aren’t a##holes it just means that we are freeing our hearts and minds from the emotional bs and baggage they chained to us…

Truth be told each and everyone of us have negative people targeting us but when we take our power back we walk away peacefully and free.

Let’s expand our borders peacefully.

I got alot of hatred and shade thrown my way for telling a good friend (I thought was on of my bestest friends) I needed a few weeks break and I love her dearly but I would be loving her from a distance for now.

She taught me a valuable lesson… I meant less to her than she meant to me. Am I bitter? No.

So my dear friends and readers… let’s change the dialog and train ourselves to live in the moment and make memories.

It doesn’t rain…it pours.

Ever thought something would work out one way and God closes the door you were sure would stay open? It happens to all of us.

Sometimes life throws curve balls and if we get bent out of shape over it we could put ourselves into a dark and worrying place.

Pray about it and if the door closes then move on to bigger and better. You’ve got this hun.

Just a thought…

It’s unbelievable to think that we are at the cusp of a new year… 2021 has not just sped by but it has run past with much controversy and drama that although it’s a year we would love to see behind us it is also a year where many people have lost loved ones and we should all take a moment in remembrance in honor of those that have passed on.

It would appear that many people are for team vax and others are for team pure blood but we should all remember that life is life and choices are choices.

So whatever you decide to do let us be mindful of the fact that almost everyone has lost someone this year for numerous reasons. I wouldn’t force you to take my opinion as your own and I wouldn’t want anyone to force their opinions on me.

Be blessed my dear friends and remember that you matter…


So many times we find ourselves “riled up” by the opinions of others around us. We allow ourselves to be down trodden and ridiculed by the opinions of people who in the greater scheme of things and in the bigger picture are actually not even in the equation of our lives.

We need to realize that someone else’s opinion of us does not define us even in the slightest. Too many people in the world today are held captive by rubbish that someone said to them as a child keep going back to the same poison pit and drinking from it.

Understand that even if someone said something hateful to you that hurt your feelings, you can literally walk in freedom from it by shaking it off and not keeping it in your heart and mind taking it on board and even years later still allowing yourself to speak their hateful lies over your own life.

My inner voice keeps SHOUTING bullsheet at me that I have been told for many years by people whose opinion I thought I valued 🤣🤣🤣 imagine the daily battle… BUT when I start telling myself to stop it and start seeing the real me and not what I’m told to see I find that I am actually not bad. I might be fat but darn it there is sooooo much more of me to appreciate.

Challenge to you…Change your inner dialog for the better and thrive.

De Postkantoor, Tesselaarsdal

“I listened motionless and still;

And as I mounted up the hill, The music in my heart I bore, long after it was no more.”

William Wordsworth, The Solitary Reaper

If you had told me 7 month’s ago as I made the village of Tesselaarsdal my home that one of my favourite places would be the restaurant known worldwide as De Postkantoor. Owned and run by Brendan and Sonia this gem in the heart of the Overberg is a definite place to stop by if you’re ever lucky enough to find yourself in Tesselaarsdal.

My only regret is that this jewel of Tesselaarsdal is only open on the weekend… The food is sublime and they boast fresh produce which can be tasted in every delicious bite.

Brendan is not only co owner he is also the head chef and pours every ounce of love into the food he prepares. The food is tasty and will leave you fully satisfied as the portions are more than adequate.

Sonia is co owner and baker and her artisan breads, cakes,tarts and quiches are sublime.

There is nothing that Sonia and Brendan don’t know about the area and they are a fountain of information when you find yourself with an enquiring mind as you tuck into all their delectable foods. It is truly a wonderful place to stop by and reminisce as you eat off their delicious menu.

De Postkantoor is a fully licensed restaurant so whether you’re having a sundowner or a celebratory glass of the good stuff they have it and will make you feel very welcome in the lovely restaurant. It has been visited by many a celebrity including everybody’s favourite cousin Barry Hilton, super model Minkie van der Westhuizen and TikToker Eugene Wood to name but a few.

As you sitting down to eat your meal you find yourself mesmerised by the picturesque view that surrounds you and you are reminded of how blessed you are to be alive and experiencing the joy that is De Postkantoor.

The menu is vast and worth it to look at… come in and stay for a while, you will definitely be back.

For your special occasions or just because life is a special occasion contact Sonia on +27 84 583 7095

What an interesting year… 2021

All around the world we have experienced a year that has in itself tried to knock us down and keep us in that place of feeling as though we are subservient or less than whether it be a personal journey within or the external craziness that engulfs us.

Many of us have lost people that were dear to us for whatever reasons and this whirlwind of a year has us doing a tot of introspection.

Don’t lose heart… it is going to be ok

  • Trust God for your miracle
  • Remember you are here for a reason
  • Make every day count
  • Expect the unexpected
  • Break the chains that hold you back
  • If it drains you of your energy… get rid of it
  • Stand up for yourself
  • know your worth
  • Don’t settle for less than you are worth because you are guilted into feeling something that’s unhealthy for you.
  • Realize that you’re kind of a big deal
  • Know that it is ok to change your mind about something or someone that will drain you of your peace
  • Understand that you are worth so much more than you give yourself credit for…
  • Add to your bucket list daily because life is too short
  • Start grounding… trust me you are going to feel the benefits almost immediately.

I stepped on quite a few toes when I stepped out of other peoples shadows and broke free from their negativity.

Did you know?

When in doubt-DON’T

Have you ever been asked to do something…anything and your inner voice yells at you to STOPPPPPPP?

I was told by my fearlessly fierce and awesome momma that if something doesn’t feel right DON’T do it. That’s not the advice from someone who lived in regret it is someone who has been there and done it and learnt that some ideas are actually crappy and shouldn’t be done just to impress others.

You see it is not always because you’re scared about something it’s also quite frankly sometimes your wiser inner voice (or depending on your belief structure the HolySpirit) alerting you to the RED 🚩 that you can’t always see but you can feel.

So go into every situation with your eyes wide open. Learn to discern your situation without just doing something because it is expected of you.

Big changes demand big choices…

In the last few days my life has changed dramatically… and even though some people are rooting for the pawpaw to hit a fan I know that God is guiding us into different adventures.

Someone I asked for some space from retaliated and posted a venemous (sp) narcissistic hate video about me to tried and hurt me immensely. It didn’t work… they just proved to me what I already knew.

Then today I decided after 2 and 1/2 years to get off a social media platform that I absolutely loved but I found myself just feeling angry on. I looked into my own eyes and didn’t see the girl I once was. Don’t get me wrong… my squad will always hold a huge chunk of my heart. They are phenomenal humans and from day one I was made to feel like a somebody in a world where I was told daily that I am actually a nobody.

I am not only a somebody I am a victorious somebody.

I was told in that hate video (poetic license) in not so many words that I was about to face a storm and it’s ok …

I know my worth.

So throw that shade and bring the storm… I’ve been there and done that and the T-shirt is a lovely green to bring the color out in my eyes.

If you’re looking for me you can WhatsApp me… or find me on IG.

Choose wisely… Big changes demand big choices.

How do you see yourself?

I’m a big girl and I actually always have been. I have always been ridiculed and judged by people who have actually never been anything to look at either but I chose to see them as their inner being and not the mask they wore out in public.

It didn’t matter who they were or their status in life … I’d try and look past all their inadequacies (where is spell check and auto correct when you need it 😂😂😂) .

Hurt people… hurt people. Read that again slowly. Quite often our antagonist’s are often more scared and awkward than we are and they feed off our insecurities and self loathing to make themselves feel as though they are bigger and better than we will ever be.

It’s time to change how we see ourselves. Momma always told me “how people see you and what people say about you is none of your business” and this statement cuts through all the bullshit we put on ourselves.

If you don’t like what you see in the mirror… change the mirror.

See yourself through God’s eyes and live your purpose.

Have the strength to be yourself.

I’m still the big, awkward weirdo I have always been I just choose to like myself for who I am.

Yes, I look at myself in the mirror and see myself both ways but I understand that I am not only what my bully sees I am first and foremost what God sees and I’m happy with that.

God doesn’t see you as man sees you… man looks at your shell but God sees your heart .

Sight is sometimes deceptive and how we view ourselves is sometimes tricky… so I have to ask you… What mirror are you looking at?

Hey you…

Isn’t it amazing how we just know that even in our hardest and most unlovable times when we feel like we don’t belong… God reminds us who is in charge!

So often we try our very best to do things by ourselves when in actual fact it is not our job.

I’m reminded of a movie I watched as a kiddo of Psalty the singing songbook teaching on this very topic. (Yes peeps I’m quoting a singing songbook 😂😂) I still today at 48 sing this very song…

We try and try in our own strength to make things come out right, we think and plan and organize and try with all our might, but when we’ve finally reached the bottom… the end of all our rope. The Lord reminds us once again in ME you’ll find your hope

So remember it’s time to let go and let God.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life… go out and prosper.

Sovereign Foods

Ever heard of this company? If you haven’t already eaten their products you need to ask yourself why… Do yourself a favor and stock up on their delicious product range. You won’t be sorry.

I was recently introduced to their chicken livers which started my Sovereign Food journey. My husband loves chicken livers and picked up a few tubs of their delicious country range chicken livers.

The staff of Sovereign foods are absolutely fantastic and their love for their products is evident in their different ranges.

A message from the CEO on their website:

They are active in doing good in the community.

They have a wonderful staff from the top brass to the men and women in their factories. I was honored to have Jackie Hamlett and Alfredo v Rooyen show me how wonderful their products are and I can vouch for the extraordinary yummy deliciousness of their available products.

My current favorites are their crumbed chicken strips and crumbed chicken schnitzels. They taste absolutely phenomenal and I can definitely say that I have never tasted such amazingness in a long time. I must warn you though that you should definitely portion control (you will definitely be tempted to keep going) and keep a packet handy in your freezer for those “spur of the moment” dinner parties as your home will be the place to be when you have them in your home.

Don’t take my word for it… get yourself products from their full range as seen on their website… or pop in to your local VisFabriek to see what they have.

You will never look at Chicken the same. Take Outs?… who needs them when you could stay home and have Sovereign foods in your freezer. Their prices are awesome and if you’re like me there is no place like home and Sovereign foods is where it’s at.

Mitzvah Cottage, Tesselaarsdal

Nestled in the Overberg in the tranquil Tesselaarsdal lies a hidden gem, Mitzvah Cottage.

This beautiful self catering holiday accommodation is perfect as it boasts 2 person accommodation and although it set on a quiet small holding, you are all alone away from the madness of your everyday life.

It has a private enclosed garden and is pet friendly so you’re welcome to bring your ‘best friend’ along for the trip.

Mitzvah cottage comes with:

* Kitchen Utensils, cutlery and crockery. *Bedding and Towels *Weber braai and a Gas Heater in the chilly winter times.

WIFI Included

Centrally located from Caledon, Hermanus, Napier and Stanford. Fabulous mountain biking trails and great hiking trails.

Mitzvah is the perfect holiday destination for couples who are looking for complete peace and quiet and the perfect alone time or honeymooners who are getting to know each other.

Regrettably No Children under the age of 10.

To prevent disappointment book now before the holiday season kicks off.

Email Mya at or call her on 0640657638

Just a thought…

I am writing this with a great hope in my heart that you realize that even in the darkest moments where you feel as though you can’t carry on because people are going out of their way to remind you that you are beneath them… you are better than the negativity thrown your way.

“I don’t chase I attract, If it is meant for me it will find me!”

That is my story and I am sticking to it.

Think about it for one minute… what we put out there is what will come back to us.

I have decided that I will keep the toxic people out of my life. Far far away. I will look forward and not back. I will dance like no one is watching and sing like I am a super star on auto tune.

If you are negative and want to bring my MOJO down the exit is in the rear stay out. You see I will not continue to drink from a poisonous watering hole… even in my slumber if you pass through you will be booted out with the ringing of bells and a joyful “not today satan” #truestory 🙊🙉🙈

I’ve never hated anyone in my 48 years and I’m not about to start.

Forgiveness is not about your persecutor it is about your spirit health. Unforgiveness leads to bitterness which can and will poison you from the inside out.

Choose life, be healthy and be happy.

It is what it is

I don’t mind the fact that you’re talking about me. I am happy knowing that someone out there knows what really happened, the truth behind our situation. Not your version.

I have absolutely nothing to prove to anyone about the untruths that flow out of you like rivers of toxic poison.

Truth is… cutting you out has been the easiest journey I have ever been on. It took me many years of mental and emotional abuse to realize my truth and my worth. I actually feel sorry for you.

So understand that I hold no animosity towards you whatsoever. I pray daily that God richly bless you and pour His wisdom, mercy and peace over you. You see… it is what it is.

Toxic family? Cut them out and move on…

Too often we pray that God take us out of a toxic and unhealthy relationship or situation and then we find ourselves returning time and time again as if we are hoping for a different outcome.

Someone once told me that the height of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over hoping for a different outcome or result. It never turns out differently so stop doing the stupid stuff and hoping something is going to be different.

You need to cut toxic people out of your life whether they are friends or even family. Stop drinking from a poisonous watering hole hoping that it will be ok.

God removed people from your life for a reason. STOP going back. Leave the past in the past.

Be blessed babe, you’ve got this.

Mya and Linda’s small holding… one of my absolute favorite places in the 🌎 world.

Life in my new hood is full of absolute gems and if we didn’t move to our new home we would never ever have met our two wonderful friends. How blessed are we that we have met these sisters who have phenomenal hearts and love for all their animals.

They are so down to earth and relaxed and are the go to people if you ever need guidance on your sheep, chickens, dogs, cats and all kids of animals. If I could visit daily I would (although they would probably either kick my butt out by the second day lol or hand me a shovel and get me scooping and making myself useful on site) 🤣🤣

Linda is a master baker and bakes the most delicious Ginger cookies served with her lekker (delicious) coffee. When she is not busy on the land that is. Mya is also busy non stop and if you’re lucky when she is not busy on the land might even cut your hair and renew your self confidence.

They are definitely two of my favourite favourites in my new hood. We are beyond blessed to have them in our circle of friends.

For those of my readers that have been following my blogs you would know that I have always been a happy go lucky down on the ground kind of girl who doesn’t try to put on aires and graces to impress anyone. I am who I am at any moment and I am happily myself …

These two wonderful souls are definitely our kind of people. Soul sisters so to speak.

If ever you get to meet them just realize that you are blessed above and beyond and thank God for allowing them to be apart of your dash even for that small moment in time.

Thank you Linda and Mya x

Bennetts Family/Baby Care

I’m beyond happy and excited to collaborate with a company that has been trusted by families in South Africa for over 50 years.

For 5 decades Bennetts has provided amazing aide to families from babies to adults, from the colic remedy (which itself has gone through clinical trials and is approved and registered medicine with the medicine control council) for your upto 6 month old baby to hand sanitizer with up to 80%alcohol for the rest of your family to help in your daily regime in the battle against covid.

The Saline Nose Spray is non medicated and alcohol free, it provides relief from blocked and dry noses and is suitable for anyone from birth which is such a great help especially as we are in our change of season … if you are anything like me your allergies are going crazy too.

A friend of mine has a young kiddo with eczema and the poor guy struggles with this harsh skin ailment… They have tried all kinds of skin treatments so I happily passed them BENNETTS baby eczema ease the symptoms which included:

Dry cracked and scaly skin…


Painful itchy lesions

Fluid filled blisters

BENNETTS has the perfect range for your family.

There is such a huge range to choose from with BENNETTS…

I have recently moved from Simon’s Town to the Overberg and my skin took a huge knock UNTIL I discovered that BENNETTS Hydrating Skin care Moisturizing ointment the results are unfreaking believable. I can feel the absolute difference and I am beyond happy and excited to be part of the BENNETTS family.

Do yourself and your family a huge favor invest in BENNETTS try it for yourself all of their products were made with families in mind.

Follow them on FACEBOOK or Google them on their website @ BennettsforBabies where they even give you Tips and Advice from Babies and sleep to traveling with your baby.

Choose Bennetts you won’t be sorry

New adventure starting…

This move to our new land has been a great decision… we left the “madame speaker’s” and the psychotic bullies behind us an now we are opening yet another door by the grace of God.

Excited to be here.

Level up time my dearest friends.

Hey boo do you.

You ready for this?

There will be a time… where we are forced into a situation out of our control where we finally can step away from expectations of those we believed to have our bet interests at heart and in hindsight realise that they never did. It really doesn’t matter how long it takes to get there just remember that you will.

Start opening your eyes where you are in your life and stop pushing the red flags out the way so that you can step past them on the destructive path and find yourself another.

To many times we convince ourselves that we suffer from crippling anxiety when in reality we suffer from the bullshit of ass holes and bullies. It would save us hundreds of thousands of dollars if we took a step back and look at the situation from a different perspective and see what our tormentors are actually up to. The proverbial throat punch is sometimes more satisfying than lying on a couch spending a tonne of money to have someone pat us on the back and teach us how to swallow the bs of others.

This year has been a reality check for my small family and we are far happier living hundreds of miles from dick heads and ass holes and you know what? We’re happier than we have ever been. It’s peaceful not trying to live up to the expectations of ungrateful bullies that never ever gave a flying fug anyway.🤣🤣🤣

Their rage is going to explode 🤯 as they broadcast to your friends and so called friends how evil and twisted you are for standing up to them. Just understand that people who know what really happened will cheer for you from the bleachers are the friends you need to cling to. The ones who turn on you were always going to be part of the problem anyway.

We rise by lifting others… if you are one of the people that need to step on someone to succeed in life you might very well be on the wrong side of the fence.

There is always someone who will support you emotionally when the world tries to beat you down. It’s really ok not to be ok as long as we stand up again and know that we are actually victorious and even if we can only count on a handful of people the smaller the inner circle the stronger it will be without all the missing links that make our bonds weak.

Family is supposed to keep us strong and yet sometimes they can be more toxic than people we have never met and have our backs on matter what. It’s 100% ok to cut toxic people out of our lives even if they happen to be in your family. Cutting poison out helps us grow and flourish as people.

Remember to stop trying to please haters because they’re ungrateful anyway and nothing you can do will satisfy them.

Take a step backwards and look at your life from the perspective of an outsider. Are their people (even “family”) who keep on breaking you down and making you feel as though you’re not good enough to be in their presence? They’ve got to go.

We spend too much time and energy doing what other’s want us to do… and we are always made to feel that all our efforts are never going to be good enough… we are given names and sometimes even physically poisoned ( you read that correctly 😳🤣🤣🤣) at family functions as part of their games… and we keep trying to be in their cool circles to be included. How funny right.


So think about how the toxic people in your life make you feel… was it a good feeling? No? Then move on. Do you boo.

You’re worth so much more than you think you are…

Can I share a little secret with you? Bullies and toxic people will only keep you around while they can play you like a fool BUT you’re powerful enough to turn the tables on them and jump out of their twisted way and start a new book without them in it.